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Everything from Branding to Print and Online Media. Graphic Design at its finest. Creative Solutions with high quality.


1000+ projects done

Everything from branding to print media. Product Design, Logo concepts, UX, Magazine Covers, Party Flyers and so on, including much more. You can find some of my selected works in my Portfolio, what you can check here.

100+ satisfied clients

Market leader companies, world known musicians, local nightclubs and individuals from all around the globe. If you are looking forward for a cooperation, then all you have to do is fill your submission on the contact page, or send me a message on a selected platform (eg: e-mail, or Facebook). I will get back to you as soon as possible.

10+ years in the game

During the years I had the opportunities to take advantages and to learn different type of possibilities in the world of design, advertisement, business, and to build up a workable system by myself. Nothing is impossible, everything just needs time to get properly done!

1 man team

I’m always pushing my boundaries from each project  1 by 1.  The satisfaction of the customers, and their feedbacks on the results are keeping the spirit alive, that’s why I’m trying to do the best of me by each design jobs. It’s really important for me to get on the same level with clients, so we can get a proper view from each of our perspectives resulting a great work together.

-1 problem

During our work together I’ll provide you a 100% client orientation, in the hope of a long term and reliable partnership between us. Creative solutions, marketing, design, social media ad possibilities, and much much more. If my work and introduction got your interest, then don’t hesitate, you can ask for more information  anytime! 

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